Conveyor Belt Guides

REPA Supplies offers a large variety of PVC and PU guiding devices for plastic conveyor belts. Conveyor belt guides make the conveyor system run stably and smoothly. There are several reasons why conveyor belts lose their steadiness. Examples are irregular loading, pollution, and differences in temperature or height. Conveyor belt guides can also serve as cleats to prevent the product items to slide off the belt. We offer belt guides in various types, colours and sizes: guides with a trapezoidal, a rectangle, or a serrated profile, in the colours white, green, black, and blue. The conveyor belt guides can be used in the food and in the non-food industry.

REPA Supplies has an extensive assortment of conveyor belt guides. The products below can be delivered directly from stock:

  •  PVC belt guides
  • Polyurethane (PU) belt guides
  • Polyethylene (PE) belt guides