Vulcanisation Materials

Whatever your wishes are in the field of vulcanisation, REPA Supplies is here to help you. Perhaps you are looking for ways to make your conveyor belt endless, or maybe you want to attach a cleat or other item to it. Do you want to order tailor-made loose rings or gaskets, or make them yourself? Or what about cushion gums, lagging materials or even an entire vulcanisation machine? REPA is glad to be of service. 

And our services are manifold. We can advise you in the purchase of completed products, help you in their maintenance and repair, carry out (both cold and hot) vulcanising activities, or deliver the required resources for executing these processes yourself. In sum, our expertise, experience and elaborate product assortment make us the perfect partner in the ongoing development of your business.

REPA Supplies has the following vulcanisation items in stock for you:


  • Skim rubber gums 0.8 (without fabric) and with fabric EP160
  • Cover rubber 1-2-3-4-5-6 mm
  • Hotvulc R3000


  • R200 & R700 Glues and PR700 primer


  • REPA-Tools, tools for vulcanisation activities