Light Industry

REPA offers a broad range of plastic conveyor belts plus appliances for usage in the light industry. Providing a large choice is essential. Any self-respecting and customer-oriented vulcaniser or dealer in conveyor belts understands that having a product assortment available based on various materials (including plastic) is a wise strategy. In this way, REPA can serve practically all business sectors. It can therefore truly be considered as the largest and most versatile Single Source Supplier in Europe.

Our solid craftsmanship, expertise, and many years of experience are assets that our customers can rely on. Our service levels are the highest, our focus is primarily on our customers, and the materials we use meet the strictest quality requirements. So good to know that as a customer you are our number one priority. This does not only mean that we always have your product in stock, but also that we are constantly engaged in realising your tailor-made wishes.

Conveyor belts used in the light industry require specific characteristics. The products manufactured by REPA are perfectly equipped to meet these prerequisites.

Plastic belts are especially used in the food and non-food sectors. A key requirement in these sectors is hygiene, which means that the belts have to meet high standards of cleanliness and resistance. For this reason, we also deliver antibacterial conveyor belts that are insensitive to oils and fats. These products meet the current HACCP-standards effortlessly.

Whatever industry you do business with, the food industry, distribution centres, airports, the agricultural sector or the tobacco industry, you can come to REPA for every type of conveyor belt, tool, product part, or accessory.

REPA offers a broad range of plastic conveyor belts and other products for the light industry. We distinguish among the following categories:

No matter who your customers are, REPA can provide you with the products you need. Are you interested in placing an order or are you interested in receiving more information? Feel free to contact us.