Covering Materials

For a number of the machines and components of the conveyor belt installations, such as funnels, bunkers, conductors and deposit points, we can deliver protective covering material to reduce problems like wear and tear and sound pollution. The rubber covers are generally tear- and/or crack-resistant. They also effectively dampen noise, provide insulation, and can sustain high impact levels. The covering materials can be supplied with or without an adhesive layer and in various colours.

REPA Supplies has an extensive assortment of covering materials. The products below can be delivered directly from stock:

  • REPAWEAR60(B) Tear-resistant rubber, black, with or without adhesive layer
  • REPASKIRT60 Side guiding rubber, black
  • REPAWEAR50(B) Tear-resistant rubber, orange, with or without adhesive layer
  • REPASKIRT50 Side guiding rubber, orange
  • REPAWEAR40(B) Tear-resistant rubber, red, with or without adhesive layer
  • REPASKIRT40 Side guiding rubber, red
  • REPATEX38 one side smooth and one side fabric print, red