Drum Lagging

REPA offers a broad range of rubber covering materials for drums, rollers and rolls. These products are particularly aimed at increasing the friction between the belt and the drum, whereby belt slippage is considerably decreased. And this makes the belt, and thus the entire installation, run much smoother. 

Good quality drum lagging is indispensable for your conveyor belt system, because it significantly prolongs the life span of both the drum and the belt. We have various kinds of drum coverage available. All types have their own specific characteristics in terms of shape, composition, hardness, tensile strength and resistance against oil, grease and staining.

REPA Supplies has an extensive assortment of drum lagging materials. The products below can be delivered directly from stock:

  • REPAGRIP60B Drum cover mini diamond, black, with adhesive layer
  • REPAGRIP60B-OG Drum cover mini diamond, black, oil- and grease-resistant, with adhesive layer
  • REPAGRIP40B Drum cover mini diamond, red, with adhesive layer
  • REPAGRIP50B Drum cover mini diamond, white, with adhesive layer
  • REPAGRIP55B Drum cover mini diamond, blue, with adhesive layer
  • REPAGRIP60B Square drum cover large diamond, black, with adhesive layer
  • REPAGRIP50B Drum cover transverse ridge, white, with adhesive layer
  • REPA-CERALAG Ceramic drum covers, white and green