Midsize Industry and heavy Industry

For both the midsize industry and the heavy industry, REPA can deliver a large variety of rubber belts. In addition, it has developed a number of plastic conveyor types. Often, plastic belts have to meet highly specific prerequisites. No matter which type of belt you need or which characteristics it requires, REPA is always able to provide you with a product that is perfect for your field of application. Moreover, practically all our products are available from stock, which means that we can supply you and your clients with everything you need in no time.

Conveyor belts for the heavy industry have to be wear-resistant, easy to steer, and capable of functioning under extreme conditions like heavy cold, intense heat and substantial loads. In these situations, users must be sure that they can count on optimum quality in terms of the belts’ construction and assembly. Therefore, it’s a good thing that dealers and vulanisers can always rely on the high-standard materials used by REPA Supplies and the expertise of its staff.

For each type of industry and each business, we offer a suitable solution. Whether your clients are active in the cement industry, the mining sector, the wood and paper segment, the docks, power plants, tunnelling, logistics or any other field, REPA has all the conveyor belts, materials and components that your target group requires. 

In most cases, we will draw from our very comprehensive collection of rubber conveyor belts, but for the heavy industry, we have developed a number of plastic belt types. These belts are oil- and fat-resistant, have very effective unloading properties, and are not sensitive to wear and tear. This makes them highly suitable for – among other areas – the steel processing industry and the waste and recycling sector.   

REPA manufactures many types of rubber belts for the midsize industry and the heavy industry. We distinguish the following main categories:

Irrespective of the industry that you serve by manufacturing and/or supplying products, REPA has exactly what you are looking for. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us. We can then map out your specific needs and discuss how we can create the best solution for you.