Heat-resistant Conveyor Belts

Machines and installations for transporting products of extreme temperature – for example in the docks or in the cement, recycling, and steel industries – typically require conveyor belts that are resistant to high temperatures.

Under the influence of extreme heat, conveyor belts age quickly, which often causes the coated layer, the inlay and even the weld to come loose. As a result, the belt can crack. And if this happens, the entire production process has to be put on hold. This obviously costs time and money. REPA can deliver high-quality heat-resistant conveyor belts for all products and materials that prevent distressing scenarios like the one described above.

REPA Supplies has a large quantity of heat-resistant conveyor belts in stock. The types below can be delivered directly upon request:

  • Flat belts
  • CP-belts
  • Slide belts
  • Belts with a profile
  • Cross-stable belts