Dock shelter

A dock shelter is an ideal system for sealing off the gaps between the loading bay and a docked vehicle. Not only is the dock shelter an efficient and effective tool for placing the truck in the best loading position, it also helps in saving energy and realising higher levels of hygiene in the warehouse or loading space. An important requirement, however, is that the sealing materials are of good quality. REPA exclusively provides the highest quality PVC and rubber for its shelters. This superior quality guarantees the long-life reliability of our dock shelter products.

Our assortment includes various types of dock shelters, for example curtain dock shelters, cushion dock shelters, mechanical flap dock shelters and inflatable dock shelters. Our materials can seal off both the left and right sides as well as the top of the trailer. You can choose between isolated and non-isolated material. 

REPA Supplies has an extensive assortment of dock shelter materials. The products below can be delivered directly from stock:

* PVC dock shelter
* Rubber dock shelter