Steel cord conveyor belts

Steel cord belts are conveyor systems composed of several rubber layers that contain steel cord.

Owing to their highly solid, wear-and-tear-resistant composition, steel cord belts are the perfect solution to heavy duty requirements or industries. In addition, they are energy efficient. In accordance with your wishes, REPA delivers the steel cord conveyor belts in fire-retardant as well as heat-, cold-, oil- and grease-resistant designs, in practically all DIN, MSHA, ATEX, ISO, FRAS types, etc.

It speaks for itself that steel cord belts are very frequently used in heavy industries, like ports and mines. But also in the less heavy sectors these belts can provide a solution. For example in case of the transportation of heavy loads either or not over long distances. 

Steel cord belts consist of different components, which are all essential in delivering a good performance. The middle part of the belt is equipped with zinc-galvanised steel cords. These cords contain multiple threads that guarantee both a maximum level of solidity and an excellent flexibility. The zinc coating produces a perfect adhesion between the cords and the insulating layer. In addition, it protects the belt against corrosion. 

For optimum effectiveness, the zinc coating is reinforced by another penetrating insulating layer attached to the steel cords. These rubber coating layers offer the steel cords the highest degree of protection.

They have been specially designed to meet the requirements set by the specific applications or industries. Naturally, REPA can manufacture these coating layers completely in accordance with your wishes. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of types and compounds.

In addition to the standard solidity properties of the belt and the use of steel cord, even more firmness can be provided by means of extra in-layers of textile or steel fabric.

In sum: Repa offers a complete range of steel cord belts for all industries that you can think of.