REPA – full concept into action

Having one single trusted supplier that can provide you with everything you need in the area of conveyor belts and related appliances, whether you are looking for plastic or for rubber products. Is this not what any manufacturing business wants? Of course, we could talk about our extensive assortment for hours, but we can also show you what we have to offer!

This video will give you a brief impression of the installation of a conveyor system by one of our vulcanisers at a client’s premises. The video clearly shows the endless variety of products that we can deliver for the realisation of your projects: plastic belts, flat rubber belts, profile belts and even trough idlers, drums, and rollers. Just look for yourself:

The advantages of REPA’s full concept

REPA Supplies’ product assortment is characterised by its diversity and completeness. As the largest Single Source Supplier, we can serve any industry. And what’s unique in our branch, we can deliver all products in both plastic and rubber materials.

This all-inclusive product spectrum is highly convenient for (wholesale) traders and vulcanisers; not only in the light of the multiple clients and industries that they work for, but also when considering the situations depicted in the video, where the clients each make use of an extensive range of different products and materials.

In all these cases, REPA Supplies is able to deliver all products. By using one Single Source Supplier like REPA, you save time, you don’t lose track of your product orders, and you have one point of contact. In this way, the consistency and quality of your deliveries are guaranteed.

Would you like to know more about our products, services, or clients? We are happy to provide you with more information!